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Key Historical Landmarks in Social Welfare Essay Example

Key Historical Landmarks in Social Welfare Essay Social Policy Introduction Social Policy is an educational topic concerned with the lessons of societal activities and the public assistance status. The Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics names societal policy as an interdisciplinary and practical topic concerned with the analysis of societies reactions to societal demand. It search for Foster in its pupils a aptitude to understand hypothesis and cogent evidence strained from a broad assortment of societal scientific discipline ordinances, including sociology, economic sciences, geographics, psychological science, jurisprudence, history, political scientific discipline and doctrine. The name Social policy’ is used to associate on the policies which authoritiess use for societal public assistance and societal security, on the methods in which societal benefit is developed in the society and on the educational survey of the topic. It besides stands for a series of issues broaden far off from the processs of government-the agen cies by which public assistance is encouraged, and the societal and economic state of affairss which outline the enlargement of public assistance. The principle countries of societal policy are given below, Social services, societal safety, community attention, instruction ; Social problems which includes offense, disablement, old age ; Race, gender, poorness are besides included. We will write a custom essay sample on Key Historical Landmarks in Social Welfare specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Key Historical Landmarks in Social Welfare specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Key Historical Landmarks in Social Welfare specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Task-1 1.1 Significant historical and modern-day landmarks in societal policy and analysis the historical land Markss of societal and public assistance Policies of historical and modern-day landmarks explain that how the qualities of life for the service users have improved overtime: Identify cardinal historical landmarks in societal public assistance that is concentrating on the period up to 1945: The enter point of historical landmarks in societal public assistance concentrating 1945 period were: In 19Thursdaycentury it was the map of faith, the voluntary sector of public assistance and in early 20Thursdaycentury Liberalism and the foundations of British Welfare, votes for adult females. Analysis the historical landmarks in societal public assistance policies for a period up to 1945 are given below: 1901 Seebohm Rowntree was first learnt of poorness in York, Poverty: a survey of town life. 1903 Charles Booth was learnt of poorness in London, Life and Labor of the People of London ( 1906 1912 ) THE New LIBERALISM: To do people broad in their support believed by Lloyd George. ( 1913 -1941 ) CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT: It chiefly centers on covering with jobs independently. 1940 Old Age and Widows’ Pensions Act: pension age for adult females decreased from 65 to 60. ( 1942 -1945 ) TOWARDS ABEVERIDGE’ WELFARE STATE: Contribute of benefit of people. This program is likely serious and unsafe degree for lower-paid worker. Outline advancement of wellness and societal attention policies following World War 2 until 1979: This is the clip at some point in the war when the authorities got devoted to full employment through the Keynesian Policies, free worldwide secondary instruction, and the debut of secondary payment. 1946 National Insurance Act: Have flat-rate NI benefits. Provided a wide system of unemployment, illness, pregnancy and pension benefits funded the by employer and employee, together with the authorities disposal. 1965 Poverty Rediscovered’ : The Poor and the Poorest, Peter Townsend Brian and Abel-Smith. 1972 Heath Government offers for a tax-credit proposal. Tax credits become traditional policy. First national proposals of rent refund and higher payment are talked in that period. 1975 Social Security Pensions Act: State Earnings-Related Pensions ( SERPS ) . Earnings-related national insurance contributions introduced at 5.75 % . ( 1977-79 ) Tax-free child benefit portion in, trading nonexempt household payment and child revenue enhancement payment. Outline wellness and societal attention policies from 1979 to the present twenty-four hours: ( 1979-90 ) TOWARDS A RESIDUAL WELFARE STATE: It was believed by Margaret Thatcher that We offered a complete alteration in direction’ . 1988 Tax and benefit cuts. Peak rate of income revenue enhancement downs from 60 % to 40 % . Usual rate of income revenue enhancement downs from 27 % to 25 % . ( 1991-1996 ) CUTS AND TINKERING: Peter Lilley believed, the alterations he has announced today will assist switch the balance back to a benefit system that does non distinguish against married twosomes, and which aims to cut down benefit trust by assisting people into work. ( 1997-2008 ) NEW LABOUR: Tony Blair believed that in future, public assistance will be a manus over non a hand-out. At present, policies diminish benefit dependence by functioning people into work. New Labor and societal add-on, important statute law and wellness and societal attention plans initiate to take over the society with which we live in. Welfare services consist of societal safety, which makes different conditions against upset of net incomes due to illness, lesion, old age or even joblessness. They take the signifiers of joblessness and illness benefits, household payments every bit good as income increases that is being provided and funded through the insurance strategies of the authorities. During 1945, the authorities was loyal to full employment through the Keynesian Policies, and established free worldwide secondary tutoring and the debut of secondary payment. Family payments, a National Health Service and full employment were the chief contemplations during that point in clip. Many policies provided a wide system of joblessness, unwellness, pregnancy and pension wage funded the by employer and employee, reciprocally with the authorities. Another of import characteristic that needs to be careful for the societal and wellness public assistance in the UK is the societal residence theoretical account. The issues refering the societal residence theoretical account was non a trial in the outlook of the outgrowth of thetraditional Party leader in 1975 and the Prime Minister in 1979.After 1975 the authorities genuinely assured low revenue enhancements, less province engagement, the same every bit good as lower degrees of public outgo. In the hypothesis it involved, critical cuts in the public assistance outgo. But at current state of affairs, policies decrease net income trust by assisting people into occupation new labour and societal add-on, of import statute law and wellness and societal attention proposals start to take over the society with which we live in. 1.2 Changes in ideological attack since 1945 have impacted on modern-day societal policies It compacts with map of faith, the chosen division in public assistance. Besides compact with free worldwide secondary tutoring. Illness was a premier cause of indigence and the Pathetic Law systems began to develop sickbays’ for sick people. It besides compacts with policies sing public assistance place. Beverage study is based on three statements: household payments, wellness service and occupied employment. Furthermore this, it was during this clip the Insurance, Pensions, Tax glorifications, Family Income complement etc was set upped as reimbursement to the ordinary people. It deals with new labour and societal add-on, of import statute law and wellness and societal attention strategies, new privileges and Thatcherism. Besides the accommodations done by Peter Lilley proclaimed that presents will assist travel the balance back to an advantage system which means to diminish net income dependence by assisting people into business. Task-2 2.1 identify and analyse the procedures involved in development of a cardinal Act of Parliament An Act of Parliament makes a new jurisprudence or modifies an bing jurisprudence. Besides acts are Acts of Parliament which have been given by Royal Assent. All Acts of Parliament get down life as a Bill which has to acquire in front through Parliament. These must be noteworthy from Private Members’ Bills which are Public Bills planned by backbench MPs. Public Bills create from a figure of different foundations. It may get down from authorities, civil service, authorities bureaus, political parties, commissions, questions, legislative procedure and argument. The Government makes a determination whether or non to agree to these offers and put them before Parliament. Once a sector has decided that it needs to inquire Parliament to travel by statute law on a certain subject, it will set about a audience procedure with attracted parties. The size of this procedure will differ depending on the trouble, effect and necessity of the affair. It could take many months or few yearss. The first phase is on a regular basis a session papers called a Green Paper which places out in wide-ranging footings what the Government is looking for to make and ask for positions. Once these are taken and full history of ( or non ) the Government will do a White Paper, which places out the offers determined upon and the motivations for the statute law. In footings of Health A ; Social sector, wellness policy is a fit class of operation ( or in-operation ) accepted by authoritiess or wellness attention associations to derive a coveted wellness consequence. The in general wellness attention system, together with the populace and private sectors, and the political forces that impinge on that system are formed by the wellness attention, policy-making procedure. Chiefly there are three phases of policy devising: the preparation phase, the execution phase and the rating phase. During the preparation phase there is part of information, thoughts, and research from cardinal people, organis ations, and funny groups. The execution phase involves broadcast information about the sanctioned policy and seting the policy into activities. In this phase, the proposed policy is changed into a program of activities. The policy process besides includes an rating and change stage when gettable policies are returned to and may be adjusted or rephrased to set to altering conditions. 2.1.1 Analyze the factors that influenced the cardinal subjects and constructs in the Act Health depends on an sum of issues, including familial issues, ecological issues, nutrition, and the criterion of life. The chief factors presently straitening people s wellness in the United Kingdom including fume ; travel on a diet, intoxicant, and are short of exercising. Though the British authorities has worked to diminish the control of these issues, merely the people can set an terminal to them by changing their attacks toward wellness. Separate from these many other issues act as important issues which figure the key subjects and constructs in a parliamentary act. Appraisal and fact are non the lone issues that influence policy creative activity and service release. The cognition, accomplishment and determination of policy shapers, and those people who have dependableness for planning and conveying policies and public services, are indispensable issues in the policy doing class. The policy doing class can be strongly influenced by sudden fortunes and possibilities, the answer to which can on occasion be cherished instead than good thought through, soundly appraised and confirmation based. 2.2 Evaluate the impact of the Act on service users Normally, as the function of wellness and societal attention, it can be done as a brotherhood which gives services that portions to care services’ but the two brotherhoods are divided in term of regulating, policies, act, and so on. The UK authorities is alarmed with the separation of societal and wellness attention. Because of the separation, it causes a chief job such as service decomposition, top cost of intervention and job in ongoing attention after release from the infirmary. The UK authorities has put a chief concern in incorporating these two units. The Government association can do certain better reimbursement to service users by holding benefits to wellness and safety, nutrient handling, manual handing, information protection, mental wellness, attention pattern and kids disablement. Task-3 3.1 Identify current policy enterprises in all wellness and societal attention The sector of Health A ; societal attention works to place policy and counsel for transporting a societal attention system that propose attention every bit for all, at the same clip as enabling people to maintain their freedom, control and self-pride. Government attacks and policies meant at supplying a big scope of wellness attention services and comfortss. Other current proposals include equilibrating wellness milieus, or community wellness spheres, with kids, older people or those with disablements. Apart from these proposals there are besides the minority that act as policy proposals in all wellness A ; Social attention comfortss. They are disablement, gender, cultural issues, community attention, poorness and societal safety, offense and condemnable unity, wellness and wellness services. For advancing wellness the proposals that need to be taken are labeling regulations to inform clients of nutritionary substance of nutrients, informative runs to advance healthy diets and part icular plans targeted to kids, support of disbursement of fruits and veggies for the general population, fruit and Vegetable distribution plans for school kids. Other proposals may be, Employee related proposals: Rising abilities A ; employability of unemployed people, working Family revenue enhancement recognition, National Minimum wage. Area focused proposals: Health focused sector. Proposals to set about societal exclusion: National Strategy for Neighborhood refilling ( Hunter, 2003, 58 ) 3.2 Evaluate the impact of these policy enterprises on service users The United Kingdom Government uses a wide scope of rating methods to guarantee that policies, plans and public services are designed and distributed as efficaciously and expeditiously as possible to the service consumer. A chief motivation force for high quality policy rating in U.K. is the Government’s dedication to verification-based policy creative activity This needs policy Godheads and those who execute policies, to do the most of the best available confirmation from national figures, educational research, economic theory, ratings of past policies, specially made research and methodical conference with bringing go-betweens. The Government’s policy for public outgo and revenue enhancement besides supplies the context within which policy appraisal takes topographic point in the U.K. The UK Government has accepted and is presently accepting, a figure of randomised forbidden tests of policy proposals. In the field of labour market place and public assistance policy, th e Restart rating ( 1990 ) randomly owed idle people to indispensable major interview at 6 months joblessness to detect if this had the consequence of productively re-introducing them to the labour market. This is one of the biggest and best-known randomized restricted tests in U.K and it recognized a clear and positive impact on issues from joblessness with womb-to-tomb effects still. 3.3 Explain how you would anticipate these policies to better quality of life of your service users The policies can come on the life of the service consumers by affecting themselves in the funny groups, such as patient associations and it covers the manner for commanding health care as an agent in parliamentary construction. Joining in public test processs and take parting as members in widely appointed boards A ; commissions. Task-4 4.1 Evaluate a recent development in wellness and societal attention policy Political leaders taking the state throughout economic wants and recession in the effects of World War 2 and taking to the World War 2 completed cardinal developments during parliament Acts of the Apostless for their public. Political leaders initiate the minority of other Acts of the Apostless, to make cardinal developments in parliamentary Acts of the Apostless. They were: Health Act 2009: It proposed processs to retrieve the quality of NHS attention, the presentation of NHS services, and to come on public wellness. Health and Social Care Act 2008: It includes considerable actions to update and incorporate wellness and societal attention. The Home Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007: It is an Act to do circumstance, with regard to home authorities and the public-service corporations and steps of local governments and convinced other governments ; with esteem to individuals with undertakings of appraisal and audit in relation to home authorities ; to put up the Valuation Tribunal for England ; in association with place part webs ; to extinguish Patients Medium and the Commission for Patient and Public Participation in Health ; with esteem to place conference in relation with wellness services. Health Act 2006: It is an Act to do judicial admission for the prohibition of smoking in certain evidences, topographic points and medium and for seting the minimal age of people to whom baccy may be traded ; to do status in following of family to the expectancy and direct of wellness attention infectivity ; to do status in relation to the disposal and usage of restricted drugs ; to do status in relation to the control of certain contacts with medicative merchandises and the direction of pharmaceutics topographic points and about guidelines under the Medicines Act 1968 and guidelines seting that Act under the Health Act 1999 ; to do extra status about the National Health Service in England and Wales and about the upturn of National Health Service disbursals. 4.2 Analyze the differences in formation and adaptation of societal policy enterprises from other national positions The societal A ; health care policy proposals materialized as a distinguishable country in the UK in the early on twentieth century. To make a civilized society by status of public assistance net incomes to the citizens, irrespective of their capableness to compensate for them and take for world-wide wellness service, retirement financess A ; fortunes instruction. In USA wellness attention is been proscribed by private A ; professional insurance proposals with the province playing no piece. It is the equal with Japan. In Western Europe there are wellness attention strategies that are run by both private A ; province tally insurance proposals. In Wales it continues the patient centered focal point and responsible to all people of the province. Besides it engages the society in the betterment of the schemes for health care. So many wellness trials are disallowed before they start of. In Scotland the program is an understanding between the authorities A ; the single civilian. The English policy is distinct. It makes certain confidence to come on the wellness melody instead than the policy itself. It is an understanding between authorities, service A ; the buyer. In Welsh article it is stand on the thoughts of community betterment A ; community ability edifice. But it is non present in English A ; Scotland documents ( Adams, Robinson, 2002:63-65 ) . Decision Social policy chiefly refers to regulations, values, statute law and actions that change the life milieus helpful to human public assistance. Social policies cut down return trust by functioning people into profession new work and societal add-on, important statute law and wellness and societal attention suggestions set up to take over the general populace with which we live in. It besides compacted with policies refering public assistance place. The policy system besides contains an rating and alteration phase when available policies are revisited to and may be attuned or reshaped to rectify to switching environment. The Government organisation can do certain better refund to service clients by holding reimbursements to wellness and safety, nutrient handling, manual handing, informations security, mental wellness, attention pattern and brood disablement. The policies can increase the life of the service frequenters by affecting themselves in the interested groups, such as patient de alingss and it covers the manner for intriguing health care as an agent in parliamentary building. Joining in public test traffics and take parting as associates in widely appointed boards A ; groups. Social policy programs to come on human public assistance and to run into up human demands for instruction, wellness, lodging and societal security.

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The Importance of the Central Limit Theorem

The Importance of the Central Limit Theorem The central limit theorem is a result from probability theory. This theorem shows up in a number of places in the field of statistics. Although the central limit theorem can seem abstract and devoid of any application, this theorem is actually quite important to the practice of statistics. So what exactly is the importance of the central limit theorem? It all has to do with the distribution of our population. This theorem allows you to simplify problems in statistics by allowing you to work with a distribution that is approximately normal. Statement of the Theorem The statement of the central limit theorem can seem quite technical but can be understood if we think through the following steps. We begin with a simple random sample with n individuals from a population of interest. From this sample, we can easily form a sample mean that corresponds to the mean of what measurement we are curious about in our population. A sampling distribution for the sample mean is produced by repeatedly selecting simple random samples from the same population and of the same size, and then computing the sample mean for each of these samples. These samples are to be thought of as being independent of one another. The central limit theorem concerns the sampling distribution of the sample means. We may ask about the overall shape of the sampling distribution. The central limit theorem says that this sampling distribution is approximately normal- commonly known as a bell curve. This approximation improves as we increase the size of the simple random samples that are used to produce the sampling distribution. There is a very surprising feature concerning the central limit theorem. The astonishing fact is that this theorem says that a normal distribution arises regardless of the initial distribution. Even if our population has a skewed distribution, which occurs when we examine things such as incomes or people’s weights, a sampling distribution for a sample with a sufficiently large sample size will be normal. Central Limit Theorem in Practice The unexpected appearance of a normal distribution from a population distribution that is skewed (even quite heavily skewed) has some very important applications in statistical practice. Many practices in statistics, such as those involving hypothesis testing or confidence intervals, make some assumptions concerning the population that the data was obtained from. One assumption that is initially made in a statistics course is that the populations that we work with are normally distributed. The assumption that data is from a normal distribution simplifies matters  but seems a little unrealistic. Just a little work with some real-world data shows that outliers, ​skewness, multiple peaks and asymmetry show up quite routinely. We can get around the problem of data from a population that is not normal. The use of an appropriate sample size and the central limit theorem help us to get around the problem of data from populations that are not normal. Thus, even though we might not know the shape of the distribution where our data comes from, the central limit theorem says that we can treat the sampling distribution as if it were normal. Of course, in order for the conclusions of the theorem to hold, we do need a sample size that is large enough. Exploratory data analysis can help us to determine how large of a sample is necessary for a given situation.

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Creating Shared Value by Mark R Kramer Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Creating Shared Value by Mark R Kramer - Article Example The industries and large business corporations of the present day are highly responsible for various environmental, social and economic problems. In other words, it is stated that there is a siege of the capitalist system. However, there is an inherent requirement for the change in existing paradigm for CSR. Traditionally, the organizations believed that creating the social values would hamper the economic success. The author has demonstrated in this article the concept of ‘Shared Values’ that would help the organization in building both economic and social values without affecting the economic success. The article will be judged based on certain criteria including creativity, adherence to the topic, tendency to influence the readers and reliability (Porter and Kramer 62-77). The article â€Å"Creating Shared Value† mainly focuses on the business establishments for regaining the trusts in the current era of crisis. In the article, the authors have asserted, â€Å"The capitalist system is under siege†; â€Å"learning how to create shared value is our best chance to legitimize business again† (Porter and Kramer 64). However, the article aims at transforming the social problems related to the organization into opportunities for business and thus contributes to solving the social challenges along with increased profitability for the organization at the same time. Moreover, Porter and Kramer have also asserted in the article that, â€Å"Creating Shared Values can give rise to the next major transformation of business thinking†, â€Å"drive the next wave of innovation and productivity growth in the global economy† and â€Å"reshape capitalism and its relationship to society† (Porter and Kramer 64). However, these are t he most tempting propositions made by the authors that have created enormous attention among the business community, educators, and the management practitioners.

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Raising Children in the Digital Age Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Raising Children in the Digital Age - Essay Example This essay describes the issue when television and the internet is being used in the schools, in social networking, and in the entertainment, cultural, as well as political arenas. Many children have become so engaged in using these media to the exclusion of others, and to the point where their dexterity in using these media have surpassed that of their parents. The researcher states that many concerns on the appropriate use of these media have been raised based on issues which relate to representations of sex and violence in the television as well as concerns on pornography and child endangerment. These concerns have prompted considerations on the implementation of age bans on the use of the television and the internet. Despite these concerns, the current age of globalization and information technology clearly manifest the benefits of television and internet use among children. With these benefits, children should be exposed to television and the internet and not be banned from usin g them until a certain age. Children should in fact be exposed to media and not be banned until a certain age. The researcher then concluds that although the internet and the television have inherent dangers, these dangers reflect more on the insufficient guidance which parents and teachers have on the children. It is also concluded that with adequate guidance and supervision, these children will be able to gain the information and the full benefits of these media without falling into the dangers or risks of internet and television use.

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Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 14

Economics - Essay Example pends on government regulations and zoning authorities which may mark land as being in industrial, commercial or residential zones which may reduce the varieties in which land could be used. For example, prime property sites in the middle of a bustling city may be zoned for parks or public recreational areas and no matter how much developers want to use that land for create high rise apartments or offices, the land remains free of buildings (, 2008). In fact, even when demand changes to seek more industrial land in or around a city or more residential sites, government policy may be slow to react to the demand which could significantly increase the price of land currently zoned to be industrial or residential. The problem of zoning or rezoning is only multiplied when we consider how existing buildings no rezoned land may create problems for developers especially if the buildings are in congested areas or have significant historical or cultural importance (, 2008). At the same time, there is no cost of production associated with land itself. This is because the primary determinant of what value can be derived from land comes from the best use land can be put to. However, owning a piece of land in a certain area gives the landowners the power of monopoly since they are the single owners of the site. New production of land with the same specifications in the same space is impossible therefore they can charge monopoly prices if they so desire (, 2008). The monopoly ownership makes land an appreciating asset of course things such as an oil spill near a beach can significantly decrease the value of beachfront property but there is little chance of new land being created in significant numbers. This also encourages land hoarding as speculative ownership of land may lead to profits when properly zoned land becomes scarce in a given region (, 2008). In this manner, speculators and those who are hoarding land may be quick to offer the

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Internet: How It Changes Traditional Marketing

Internet: How It Changes Traditional Marketing Nowadays, the technology and telecommunication are non-stop developing. These developments lead to the changes of different sectors in different industries. The appearance of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or shopping online with eBay, Amazon is gradually changing the customer shopping trend and it also changes the marketing models to E-marketing instead of Traditional marketing models. The posed question is what E-marketing is all about. According to one of the most famous Marketing authors, Philip Kotler, Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. In other words, marketing is not only the activities to make products come closer to customers, it also creating the awareness of customer about the products, stimulate the purchase, consolidate positive feeling, keep tracking customer complain to adapt the products in order to best suit the customers tastes. E-marketi ng is an element of marketing. The prefix e in eMarketing is considered as electronic. E-marketing uses electronic devices such as computer with Internet, interactive ness or mobile marketing channels. to understand completely about E-marketing matter, lets delve into this topic. II. Critical impact of Internet and the difference between traditional and E-marketing: As well as traditional marketing, eMarketing does all things of marketing but in the electronic sectors. However, traditional marketing has some disadvantages that eMarketing can surmount and improve them. Talking about traditional marketing methods, the first names which are considered immediately will be advertisement on the press, radio, TV or publication. Marketing by ads on newspaper has appeared for a long time and still exists. Although that is a long-standing model of marketing but it has some disadvantages that can be easy to list. A newspaper is updated everyday and information will be the same. It means that all the information of a yesterday newspaper will be old and it can not be the trend if its information is not updated. If a company puts their advertisement on a newspaper, it will be valuable or has validity in the day when that newspaper is published. To refresh and make their advertisement still be closer and attracts customer, the company must to pay more for the updated and keep the place of advertisement on newspaper which they has paid for it before. Thus, today, many companies choose eMarketing as their main marketing strategy instead of traditional marketing like the years ago. Take an example of Tokyo hair salon Mano Mano. For an advertisement on Tuoi Tre newspaper with full page and the text of their promotion al programs , Mano Mano must to pay more than 3 million VND but it just exist for 1 day. To appear on Tuoi Tre again with the same position, Mano Mano must to pay again, at the same price. Now, they change their mind and choose with advertisement section to put their advertisement. Although the space for their ad is not the full site of the web but it appears in customer first look. Obviously, the cost for this marketing method is decreased significantly. Furthermore, Mano Mano ad is available 24/7, a thing that traditional marketing can not do. The next popular method of traditional marketing is Radio. In 198 0s, 1990s, radio is one of the most favorite entertaining channels of human. Based on that, businesses chose radio to do marketing was very commonly used. Among the programs, stations broadcasted the advertisement of products from any industries such as cuisine, fashion, technology, etc. However, like the press, radio programs and advertisement on radio was just one day information and need to be updated. This changing leads to the changing of cost. Companies paid too much for their marketing plan. Nowadays, radio is replaced by audio and podcast. Besides, TV is the most popular device to put advertisement on and it can make products com closest to customer. Thus, the price to make ad on TV is extreme high. Instead of choosing TV, businesses can choose video files to introduce their products and it will be shown on the websites and of course, companies do not need to pay much. The advantage of this method is help businesses to reach closer to clients and also help producer to worldw ide their market and potential clients, also. Take example of Vietnam Idol program. This is the Vietnamese version of the very famous program from USA, American Idol. Although Vietnam Idol appeared the first time 3 years ago but organizer still does marketing as best as possible. They made the clip in their own way and put it on the popular website. Beside the main website,, the organizer also buys the space in the entertaining websites which have the high turn of accession in Vietnam such as , or in the most famous networking in Vietnam, Facebook. The other example is This is the website of Singapore Tourism Board which supplies all information and news about Singapore tourism with so many functions for customer to choose. Like Vietnam Idol, this website choose Facebook to reach closer to global customer. In customer side, eMarketing or marketing online helps them to search their favorite products faster and m ore exactly. As mentioned above, internet development has lead to the appearance of search engines that Google is the best evidence ever. Google is known as the best website for searching information in any sectors. People go online and type for news, global financial news and of course, the products. It is the fastest way to look for the interesting goods. To satisfy this practice of customer, almost the companies, suppliers or producers have their own website to do eMarketing for their goods for products. Besides, they also put advertisements on the other websites which have a good accession to promote their products. This is the good way for companies to reach to customer. With these argument, it is easy to see the advantages of eMarketing. It can help companies control the exact number of customer who interest in their products by checking the number of visitor. In addition, companies can also get information about customers ability to pay for a product or their behav ior to upcoming product. Furthermore, eMarketing support companies to make surveys easily and based on that, companies can get customer information, interests and comments that can help them to improve their product. The companies can control the attractiveness customer easily and also ensure business running. Therefore, eMarketing has changed the traditional marketing of companies and also changed the habit of customer. III. E-marketing and Segmentation: Discuss about the segmentation that Internet can change the traditional marketing in the aspect of, as mentioned above; Internet has changed the trend of choosing and purchasing of customer. However, it does not mean that everybody will use Internet as their engine to find the products or services information. It depends on geographic and demographic of consumer. With customers, who live and work in urban areas, using Internet to search and purchase goods is the best way for them to save their time and their money, also. In the developed countries such as USA, Japan or EU, internet marketing is commonly used and people has accustomed with searching online for their interested goods. Based on that, doing E-marketing in the developed countries is the smart choice for companies to enlarge their market and make their products reach customer. Take example of E-marketing in USA. This is the country which is known as one of the powerful countries in the world. With the developed economy and technological development in USA, E-marketing seems to be an important method in doing marketing. The famous website and the large number of customer around the world that can be listed as eBay Corp. at , Wikipedia at or tourism in USA at can be the best evidences for E-marketing is this country. Although marketing on Internet is very common in the world but there are some countries, where people do not how to use computer, still exist and Bangladesh is an example. Known as a country which has the third Islam in the world and the economy is under-developed. With the per capita income in 2008 was US$520 compared with US$10,200 of the worlds average, it can be recognized easily that almost people who live here have the low livings (Wikipedia, 2010). Because of those low livings, people do not have ability to have the general idea about purchasing online or marketing on Internet. With Bangladesh people, before purchasing a product or u sing a service, they must to try it first and if it satisfies their needs, they will decide to choose it then. Thus, to the companies in Bangladesh, doing E-marketing will be the worst method and they can not do that. Although not all Bangladeshi can not use computer and online services but the number of people who can do they is small and it just happens in the head offices. Thus, E-marketing will not develop in the countries like Bangladesh. Those arguments above are concerned with geographic and now will be the concerns with demographic of consumer. Depends on the age, gender or income, customer will have different identifications and behaviors about marketing online. Normally, consumers who are younger will be interested in learning about favorite online and shopping online than older. In young peoples opinions, internet can support them to search all details of goods faster and the information is updated. Beside that, with younger people, who are living in the developing times, time is very important and all they want to do is must convenient for them to save their time, as much as possible. In other words, with Internet, young people just need to stay in their place, take the mouse and make a search for the term that they interest, then, burdensome of information will appear. They just click and buy, and after that, the goods will be delivered. Customer may be charged the shipping fee or not depends on the location. Unlike to young people, the older has the different idea that internet just show the general information about product. After deciding to purchase one kind of goods, they will go to the store, take a look and touch directly to their interested product and try it on. If it works well and satisfies all their needs, they will buy it. In other words, the older want to choose the product directly that they ensure it will not have any mistakes in general. Besides the age, different gender can make different behavior to E-marketing. Almost the men l ike gadget and digital equipments. These goods are updated and almost of them are advertised on internet that their loyal and potential customer can get the updated information or updated of products. In other side, women, their interest is all about fashion and with this item, customer must to touch directly and try it on their bodies to get the exact and perfect product for them. Women go online and search for the new trends or prestige tailor or fashion designer that they can get the gorgeous ones from. Therefore, to the men, internet can help them to find out and purchase the best products ever but, to women, its just the engine to get information only. IV. E-marketing and Targeting: With the things have just been mentioned above, its easy to see the target of E-marketing or marketing on Internet will focus on the objects which are the younger customers, customers who have the income from middle level, officers and people who do not have enough time to go real shopping. V. E-marketing and Differentiation: Differentiation is how companies make the difference among the competitors. With the support from Internet, many companies build the website for their own. Making differentiation is the action that concerns with products, services, personnel, channel and image. To impress customer who visit website, companies must to give them alternative as much as possible that they can make decision. Besides, companies must give customer the attractive price of products or packages that they can make comparison with other competitors. The more customization the website has, the more different they are. VI. E-marketing and Positioning: Mentioning about the positioning of companies when using E-marketing, it is how they embed their brand in customers mind. Take Apple as evidence. With the very famous products such as iPod after generations, iPhone, Mac or iTunes, Apple has the numerous customer for its own. There are three reasons why Apple can do that. They are well-known with high technological products and services; the innovation in digital devices and user friendly products. Therefore, whenever a new product of Apple is upcoming, it always receives the best attention of customer ever. Today, Apple has its own position in customers mind and its always the first choice in some decisions of customer. VII. E-marketing and Product: With the convenience of E-marketing is the function of leaving comments of customer, companies can learn more from customer comments and then, they can improve their products to be better. In other side, with using E-marketing, companies can support their customer to taste the new products via betas or trials. Take example of Advance Device Lock Pro. This is a software product to protect mobile device from hackers or make them be safe with passwords. This software appeared a couple year ago it has attracted more customers. For people who know about this software for the first and interest to try, Advance Device Lock Pro will give them trial version in 7 days that customer can try it free in those days. After 7 days, if customer is interested in this software, they will pay about à ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬15 to have full version. Furthermore, E-marketing can help companies to have the multiview about customer needs, and based on that, the new products will be appeared to satisfy all customer tas tes VIII. E-marketing and Price: In traditional marketing, companies must to pay much for overheads like store, transportation, delivery or maintenance cost, etc. If using E-marketing instead of traditional marketing, companies can save lots of money. Take example of hotel booking online. With the customers information on booking online, hotels can manage the quantity of coming customer and they can be proactive in coordination of staffs, foods and the others. In other aspect, E-marketing support hotels compare their prices to the competitors. Ho Tram Beach Resort is a 4-star resort which is located in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. In their website at , room rate for a Sea View Suit is US$ 303 and customer can book room immediately after checking the rate. However, the price will be discounted a little bit if customer call directly to resorts reception. The point is, the rate on website is competitive price with other resort in same location. Thus, customer can check and compare the price among comp etitors. The competitive and attractive price combine with the impressive design and services will be the plus point for Ho Tram Beach Resort in customers mind. IX. E-marketing and Distribution and CRM: The kind of online products as E-books, E-consult, E- learning or software reach the world wide in accepted conditions such as politic, technology and infrastructure. In CRM aspect, E-marketing helps companies adjust their marketing offering fit to customer individual need. Moreover, it can understand the changing taste of customer, and then, prepare to launch the new products. Take as an example. This is the world wide retailer with numerous brand names and million accession everyday. To purchase goods on , customer should sign in so they can receive the recommendation to your choice. By signing in, can know which product their customers are most interested in. If customer has changed their interest, can also manage that and give them the suit recommendation for them. X. Conclusion: Technological development which specific is internet has not only changed a issue but also the whole world. The appearance of internet and Marketing on internet, E-marketing, has changed a habit in selling and purchasing. Although some disadvantages still exist but E-marketing has contributed to the global economic development and its also the bridge between customer and companies and make them reach closer.

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Personal Narrative: Why I Chose the Legal Studies Major :: essays research papers

Selecting a major has been the most difficult challenge I have faced as a student at UC Merced. While many students select their major based upon statistics and ideals, I base my decision primary on my strong commitment and my passion. Furthermore, while maturing the last two years, I have learned that a major should encompass your love, talents, and desire for success in that subject. As stated in my application, my first job was tending to young children in an after-camp day care environment held at my community camp during the summer time, which had led to my interest in psychology and human development. I have worked there on and off now for several years. It seemed that as each year progressed, I realized my love for working with kids and for adults had increased as well. I even pursued this into UC Merced where I joined the UCM Mentor Program supplied by the Police Department because I liked having the responsibility of helping the children with their studies and problems, giving advice and support to the parents and adults, and even interacting with students from my university. At first, I thought I was made for being a child psychologist but I realized my love was to improve the lives of the people, bring morality and peace to the environment around them. So I realized psychology wouldn't utilize all of my talents and complete my yearning for success, altho ugh it would fulfill a love in the subject of bettering others' lives. I wanted more and my next step was discovering a different occupation, or major besides human development. This awareness came to me while talking to my role model, my uncle. My uncle had spent all of his life as a detective in Russia and when he visited me several years ago he gave me good advice about my future plans. He encouraged me to look into a couple areas of the law enforcement field and I immediately fell in love with the idea. After doing some research, I set my goals on becoming a distinguished lawyer, one that could help people in need of legal advice, fight for them legal battles and maybe even save their futures. I believe this noble goal is worth any hardship and I am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

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Munich Massacre

The Munich Massacre was the name given to the terrorist attack during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany. Eight Palestinian terrorists from the group Black September killed two members of the Israeli Olympic team and then took nine others hostage. The situation was ended by a huge gunfight that left five of the terrorists and all of the nine hostages dead. Following this tragedy, the Israeli government organised retaliation against Black September, called Operation Wrath of God and also Operation Spring of Youth.They called on all world governments to take more effective action against the Arab guerillas responsible. (Source 2) The massacre was a major event in the war between the Palestine and Israel people. It shocked the world and confirmed a harsh reality, that no one is safe from terrorism. The Munich massacre was brought on because of the war between the Arab and Israeli people. The operation was called â€Å"Ikrit and Biram†, after two Palestinian villages w hose settlers were killed or forced out by the present day Israel Defence Forces in 1948.This could have possibly been used as a motivator for the Black September group. In the 1972 Olympic Games, the Olympic Committee hoped to erase the memories of the usage of the Olympics in 1936 in Berlin to promote propaganda for Hitler and the Nazi party. They tried to introduce a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. However this also meant the level of security would be lower. As this was the country where Jews were previously condemned and hunted down during the Holocaust, the decision to make this Olympics more relaxed and with less security, was controversial.This controversy and lack of German security caused unrest amongst the Israeli people following the Massacre. Nearly two weeks into the Olympic Games, on September 5, the members of the Palestinian terrorist organization, Black September, which were part of the fedayeen group, (Arabic for â€Å"men of sacrifice† and used often by Islamic terrorists to describe themselves) scaled the six foot wire fence that encircled the Olympic Village at 4 a. m. (Source 1). Although they were seen by various people, it did not arouse suspicion since athletes regularily hopped the fence. Source 3) At 4:30 a. m. the disguised assailants, carrying kitbags filled with assault rifles (AK-47), pistols and grenades, headed towards the apartments where the innocent athletes slept. The masked attackers entered and rounded up the coaches and officials from Apartment 1 and were lead to a group of athletes staying in Apartment 3, gaining more hostages. Some of the Israelis fought back; two of them, Moshe Weinburg and Yossef Romano, were killed. In the midst of the valiant Israeli retaliation, a few terrified Israelis were luckily able to escape.Nine were taken hostage. (Source 3) At around 5 am, the police had been alerted and news of the attack had begun to spread around the world. At 9:30 a. m. the Black September group announced th ey were Palestinians and demanded that Israel release more than 200 Arab prisoners and grant them safe passage out of Germany. They also sought the release of two German terrorist prisoners. The Germans began to stall the terrorists but eventually offered the Palestinians an unlimited amount of money for the release of the athletes, as well as the substitution of high-ranking Germans.However, the kidnappers refused both offers. The German police then decided to plan an assault and rescue operation. The border police, badly trained and unorganised took position on the roof dressed in Olympic sweat suits and wielding sub-machine guns. However because of camera crews filming the police men from nearby buildings the terrorists saw the attack coming from the TV. When the leader of the group Luttif Afif or â€Å"Issa† threatened to kill two hostages, the police retreated.After hours of tense negotiations, the Palestinians agreed to a plan whereby they were to be taken by helicopter to the air base at Furstenfeldbruck where they would be given an airplane to fly them and their hostages out of Germany and into Cairo, Egypt. (Source 3) The Israeli athletes and the Black September group were then transported by bus to a helicopter which brought them to Furstenfeldbruck air base. The German police organised a sniper team to wait for the terrorists to eliminate them with as little casualties as possible.At 10:30 pm the helicopters landed and once on the ground, the terrorists realized there was a trap. The German sharpshooters attempted to kill the terrorists and a bloody firefight ensued. The Israeli hostages could do nothing. They were sitting, tightly bound and blindfolded in the helicopters parked on the runway. â€Å"Perhaps, surprisingly, the fedayeen did not kill them right away. They might have been too busy returning the sharpshooters' fire and dodging their bullets.They might even have felt a reluctance to kill nine obviously defenceless men: a kind of a nimal inhibition that has been known to stay the hand of the most desperate murderers†. (Source 1) Two Black September members and one German police officer were killed in the standoff. A stalemate followed for over an hour and at 11:00 pm the media was mistakenly informed that the hostages had been saved and the news was announced to a relieved Israeli public. When the German police armoured cars arrived to the air base, the terrorists knew the end had come.With the Israeli hostages in two separate helicopters, the leader of the Black September group, â€Å"Issa† opened fire on the hostages on the first helicopter, then pulled the pin and threw a grenade into the cockpit, killing all hostages inside. The hostages in the second helicopter met the same fate as the hopeless terrorists gunned down the Israeli victims. The snipers and armoured vehicles then took out three more terrorists, one being the leader of the tragic event, Luffif Afif. Three terrorists escaped but we re captured by German police shortly later.The tragedy ended in bloodshed and scarred the people of Israel. Victims (Israeli Athletes)- Moshe Weinburg, Yossef Romano, Ze'ev Friedman, David Berger, Yakhov Springer, Eliezer Halfin, Yossef Gutfreund, Kehat Shorr, Mark Slavin, Andre Spitzer, Amitzur Shapira (German Police Officer)- Anton Fliegerbauer Terrorists responsible (Killed)- Luttif Afif â€Å"Issa†, Yusuf Nazzal â€Å"Tony†, Afif Ahmed Hamid â€Å"Paolo†, Khalid Jawad â€Å"Salah†, Ahmed Chic Thaa â€Å"Abu Halla†. (Captured)- Mohammed Safady â€Å"Badran†, Adnan Al-Gashey â€Å"Denawi†, Jamal Al-Gashey â€Å"Samir†. Source 3) Surprisingly, decided by the Olympic Games Committee, the games continued. The massacre of 11 Israeli athletes was not considered serious enough to cancel or postpone the Olympics. Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times wrote at the time, â€Å"Incredibly, they're going on with it†, and â€Å"It' s almost like having a dance at Dachau†. However, the Munich Massacre still had enormous effects on the Olympic Games and to the public. Security from then on was permanently increased. The event alarmed countries worldwide and spurred the realisation of needed action against terrorist rimes. The rumours arose from the Israeli public that the German security forces poorly handled the rescue operation. Still, the Israeli government were pleased with Germany's actions as the Israeli Foreign Minister, Mr. Abba Eban stated clearly that they approve the German government's decision to use force against the Palestinian terrorists. (Source 2) The Israel nation gained sympathy from countries worldwide as the actions of the Palestinian terrorists was condemned. The Israeli Prime Minister, Mrs.Golda Meir, received messages of concern and sympathy from united countries against this act of terrorism including Western European countries, the United States and Canada. American President Nix on described the killings as â€Å"a tragedy for all the nations of the world†. Similiarly, the British Foreign Secretary, Sir Alec Douglas-Home declared that â€Å"the terrible events in Munich have appalled the civilised world. On behalf of Her Majesty's Government, I send my deepest sympathy at the grievous loss which Israel has suffered†. (Source 2) This lead to the creation of many Government counter-terrorism organisations.The furious Israeli government retaliated by allowing the Mossad (national intelligence agency of Israel) collect information and organise covert operations against the Palestinians. Operation Wrath of God and Operation Spring of Youth was devised to target and execute the high-ranking Palestinians suspected of planning or being involved with the massacre (Source 1). Steven Spielberg’s â€Å"Munich† inspired by the true events and the book â€Å"Vengeance† by George Jonas, shows the supposed, yet believed fictional, deadly response of the Israeli government and Mossad against the individuals responsible or involved in the appalling tragedy.

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Arguments against CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility While there may be people who are for the idea of corporate social responsibility, there are also others who oppose to it. One of whom, as we all know, is Milton Friedman. He believes that only individuals can have social responsibilities and that the purpose of a corporation Is to provide the highest possible returns to shareholders while obeying all the laws and regulations. There are 5 mall arguments against CARS.First of all, it lowers economic efficiency and profits. CARS also imposes unequal costs among competitors and imposes hidden costs which are passed on to stakeholders. Also, more often than not, carrying out these social responsibilities require skills which businesses may lack. Lastly, it places responsibility on business rather than individuals. A business may have to allocate a certain amount of resources Just to meet the needs of the people and environment.Suppose the firm currently has an unproductive operation in a certain country an d it would definitely be better for the company if it closes this operation down but this will also mean that al the employees will lose their Jobs and Income. This will affect their livelihood and probably their families as well. For the firm to have corporate social responsibility, this will mean that the firm will have to keep It going so as to ensure their well-being Is taken care of.However, this results In costs that are higher than necessary which ultimately leads to lower profits. Stockholders get a smaller return on their investments, making it more difficult for the firm to acquire more capital to sustain the company in the long run. Another example will be when a firm invests more in a reticular technology so as to ensure that environmental concerns are met but this may backfire especially if there is only a handful of consumers who actually care about these environmentally-friendly products.They may not be willing to pay a slightly higher price for such products. This ag ain reduces profits and lower economic efficiency. Money used in attaining greener technology can otherwise be invested elsewhere to yield higher returns that will be more beneficial to the company. Even though corporate social responsibility Is well-intended, such social costless lower businesses efficiency, thereby depriving society of higher levels of economic productivity needed to maintain everyone's standard of living.Moving on, the reason why it imposes unequal costs among competitors is because the more responsible companies would have incurred higher costs, putting them at a competitive disadvantage compared to other companies in the same industry. In a highly competitive market, the more responsible companies are even at risk of being out of business since their less responsible opponents will attempt to capture a larger market share.

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Catcher In The Rye Thesis Paper Essays - Literary Realism

Catcher In The Rye Thesis Paper Essays - Literary Realism Catcher In The Rye Thesis Paper The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger The Catcher in the Rye is a story about a young man named Holden Caulfield and the experiences that he faces after being dismissed from school. This book contains a great deal of symbolism, but it can very easily be missed in its simple story line. The story line itself is very basic, and I do not feel that the plot is very well written. When taken the time to appreciate it, this book is without a doubt a classic. As was stated in the first paragraph this story contains a great deal of symbolism. In the beginning of the story, when Mr. Spencer fails Holden, Holden is surprised about the failing grade and his mind begins to wander. He thinks about Central Park and how when the pond freezes over the duck leave. He shows a great deal of concern for what happens to the ducks. I believe that his concern for the ducks while the pond is frozen over symbolizes his concern for what he is going to do now that he has been dismissed from school. Much later on in the book Holden is talking with Horwitz, an angry cab driver, about what happens to the ducks and fish when the pond freezes over. Perhaps Holden is still unsure about what is in store for him and what he should do with his life. Holdens character does not relate to people very well. Throughout the story Holden is longing for a companion. He does not have a very good personality so instead he uses money to get the likeness of others. In many instances his buys drinks for women to win their respect, but most of the time he is not very interested. Although Holden is very generous, his generosity is limited to his wallet. However, Holden does care very much for his sister Phoebe. She is ten years old and is very charming and intelligent. Holden cares deeply for her because he lost his brother Allie to leukemia and he never wants to lose another sibling. Holden is also a very opinionated character. He is always concerned about other peoples personalities. In one scene Holden was listening to a conversation a couple was having and he was disgusted on how funny looking the two were, but he thought it is good that they were together. While he was listening to them he was becoming irritated at the guy because he woul d not stop talking about some pro-football game. I found it strange that he found it irritating because it was none of his business. Holdens way of thinking can sometimes be very strange. The Catcher in the Rye is overall a great book. J. D. Salinger did a great job of keeping the story simple yet interesting. Holden was a very interesting character that enhanced the book. After reading and analyzing this book I now understand why it is so renowned and respected.

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When do the hague visby rules apply Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

When do the hague visby rules apply - Essay Example includes, apart from several other aspects, the physical state of the vessel, the competency as well as adequacy of the crew, the adequacy of fuel as well as other sundry supplies which may include the facilities that are necessary as well as appropriate in accordance with the requirements of the carrier. a. The vessel must have suitable and sufficient manpower, as well as adequate equipments to combat and survive the ordinary perils of the sea that could be encountered during the voyage, and that are deemed necessary for performing the services required of it Under The Hague – Visby Rules, the ship owner is under a continuous obligation to exercise due diligence to provide a sea worthy vessel which includes providing of a competent crew, at the commencement of each voyage. Moreover, such an obligation also extends to the shore staff of the company, where the ship owner could well be held responsible in the event of loss or damage caused to the carrier / goods of the company. The types of deficiencies that could lead a vessel to be deemed as unseaworthy include, Defective Engines, Defective Compass, Incompetency of the personnel hired to man the vessel – such as employing of incompetent engineers as well as other officers, the stowing of the Deck cargo in a way that has the effect of rendering the vessel unstable. In general, The Hague – Visby Rules, entrusts the ship owner with an additional liability of exercising due diligence and care in providing a seaworthy ship which must â€Å"have the degree of fitness which an ordinary careful and prudent owner would require his vessel to have at the commencement of her voyage having regard to all the probable circumstances of it† (source: G.P. Pamborides, International Shipping Law: Legislation and Enforcement,page-154) The failure of the crew to adhere to the established procedures of the company and the subsequent casualty arising out of such negligence, leads to an impending liability on the company, either

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Critically discuss the main theories of corporate governance, focusing Essay

Critically discuss the main theories of corporate governance, focusing in particular on how they apply to different types of co - Essay Example What this means is that corporate governance could be looked at from a perspective of the legal administration of different businesses. In effect, mechanisms and acts that would constitute corporate governance in one firm or business may not constitute corporate governance in another because of differences in the legal organization of the companies involved. Interesting, the demarcations that company law gives to the various forms of companies inform the basis of the existence of various corporate governance theories. With reference to company law, corporate governance could generally be seen as the legal mandate that binds players in various organizations and institutional set ups to ensure that companies meet the interest of all stakeholders, defined to include shareholders, customers, employees and the government3. Contract Theory and Corporate Theory Contract theory and corporate theory remain two of the major forms of theories of corporate governance. As indicated earlier, these two theories are directly related to the allocation and differentiations that exists in the types of business under company law. With reference to corporate theory, its principles could be dated to as far back as the era of â€Å"artificial† entity theory. The artificial entity theory dates back to the dates before the 1800s when governments made special legislations to ensure that the power to operate corporations was vested in the power and authority of public benefit units4. Some of these public benefit entities included schools, churches and the larger community. However, these public benefit units were not the outright owners of the corporations but the government. It is in light of this simulated ownership that the theory became known as the artificial entity theory. In relation to the present study, it would be noted that the corporate theory has a lot of influence on corporate governance in the sense that because the cooperation are supposedly owned by government, th ere are State defined legislations that affect and influence their operations. Though many who belong to the fiction theory school of thought hold that â€Å"corporations are simply legal fictions, created and sustained by an act of the state†5 and that there are weaker internal management principles that defeat the principles of corporate governance, the reality is that in a state where institutions are made to function properly, there is no way managers can expect to go away with lapses in corporate governance. Under contract theory, reference is made to contract-based corporate theory where actors in various companies and organizations are expected to play a collaborative role in ensuring that they use asymmetric information to regularize the construct of contractual arrangements6. In effect, the contract theory expects that managers and administrators would work and function as people who have been assigned to play specific roles within a specific timeframe for a specific reward. Essentially, contract theory greatly affects corporate governance because it is said to be an avenue by which managers and stakeholders in the running of businesses feel fundamentally obliged to work and operate within the premises of the contracts they agreed upon7. In certain quarters, this has been said to